samedi 13 décembre 2014

Mario Gerth, photographe


Je viens de découvrir les photos magnifiques de Mario Gerth. 
Je vous invite à consulter son site 
Voici quelques unes de celles qu'il a prises en Inde  : 

Et ce texte sur sa page Facebook :

Yogi Baba - The Holy Men
I have been obsessed for many years and set of early 2013 to look for them: In hidden temples of crowded Delhi, on the bench of the holy river Ganga in Varanasi and close to the Himalaya mountains in Nepal. And I found them. 

Sadhus renounces his earthly life, all his worldly attachments, leaves home and family, and takes on the lifestyle of an ascetic. As part of this renunciation, they also leave behind their clothes, food and shelter, and live on the generosity of others. Sadhus are no human like others. They choose to life poor among poors.

Their only richness is found in spirit and humanity.


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Yannick a dit…

Merci pour le lien et ces photos magnifiques de visages parfois rayonnants, parfois soucieux...